Al Zorah Village Center

The Place You Will Want to Be

With its beautiful setting along azure waters and architecture that is inspired by the surrounding nature, this quaint seaside hamlet is just minutes outside major cities in the UAE. The dynamic hub of Al Zorah’s resort-style activities, it is the perfect destination for restorative stays – a break from the hustle and bustle of daily routine.

Catch the Momentum

Home to a mix of low-rise residential buildings embracing a central square, residents and visitors mingle together on the dynamic street level filled with resort-style cafes and restaurants and trendy retail outlets.


Blissful Hideaway

A hop and a skip away from the combination of a quartz-like sandy beach, salt water, and an endless horizon, you can simply relax around or move and discover the many facets of Al Zorah City’s greater community. You will never want to leave, and you will always want to return.