Al Zorah Resort Two

Peaceful Vacation Spot

Informed by contemporary lifestyle and comfort, Resort Two offers superlative hotel rooms and suites as well as one and five-bedroom villas, with a private garden and pool, all reflective of the local landscape of sand and sea. The omnipresence of a beautiful natural surrounding adds freshness and vitality to create a holistic resort experience.

Heavenly Welcome

The journey begins in a tranquil lobby, setting the tone for a holistic escape. Adjacent, the lounge offers stunning views and the restaurant invites a savory culinary exploration. Unwind with a favorite brew in the garden pavilion, gazing at lush greenery and the sea.


Something For Everyone

For wholesome wellbeing, Resort Two boasts a spa and gym, a yoga studio, and two tennis courts. No seaside vacation is complete without a stretch of white sandy beach that offers panoramic vistas for relaxation and a number of water and seaside activities for the more energetic. A children’s club, a family pool, and an adult-only pool are also part of the attractive package.

The Beach Club Restaurant

Apt to become a destination of choice, the Beach Club Restaurant invites you to enjoy the vaulted design concept while sampling succulent exotic dishes for the most discerning palates. Vaults are transformed into canopies, bringing an intimate dimension to the space, imbued by natural light.